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released February 20, 2015



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ABHOR Rochester, New York

Abhor is a progressive death metal band from Rochester, NY.

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Track Name: Abhor - Intro
In infinite expanse lies a reflection of ourselves
By chaotic inflation impossible shapes are born

Limitless is our ability withheld from the mind
In finding the origin of this I've lost myself through time
Track Name: Abhor - Re-Evolution
Incapacitated by the mental constraints of existential repeated thought patterns
The shell of the blind soul walks freely amongst the corridors of a chaotic existence
Indecisiveness fills the clouded mind in central submission to common design
A rhythmic gaze shackles the free mind
Self-fulfilling prophecies align
In the shadow of a full being
Traced back farther than eye could see

Forced to sever ties from the meticulously made disguise
This creation, an abomination, faces devastation, undergoes degradation
Only to rebuild itself through unnatural cycles

With open arms to desolation
A figure surfaces in open sight
Outlining a denial of self redemption so easily in reach

Forced to sever ties from this meticulously made disguise
This creation, an abomination
Re-evolution, face devastation
Undergo degradation, only to rebuild yourself through unnatural cycles

Re-evolution of a shadowed self
Born to feast on flesh and bone
To slowly eat away the gangrenous limb off the body of clarity
Destroying your perception, filtering your existence
Track Name: Abhor - Ambition
Ambition spewed from a stream of consciousness lending shape to a reflection of self

Focused are dreams born from a restless mind
Forging a purpose from more of their kind

Gather distraction and cast it aside - focus is prime!
Committing conviction to concepts contrived - powerful drive
Ardent assertion connecting the ties - theory applied
Fervent aversion to common insight - rejecting outworn notions

Ascending aspiration to the apex of cognition
Strengthening resolve to persist to fruition

The fire fueled
Desire fed
Resolve to pursue with reckless abandon

Aim to surpass all expectations

What value is retained
When painless profit gained
Through struggle solely
A worthwhile reward attained

Amidst the masses
Nonsense reigns
Exude dissension

Caustic to a world without feeling
Caustic to a world without feeling

Turn, the gears turn
The machinery quaking ever stern
Earned, every step earned
From this gained ground, there is no return

Fractured at the core
Ceased momentum's force

Fragile state machine decision defines who we are

Lost, or led astray?
Regardless, we say, the weakness will fall away
No love lost, none for the disavowed
That affliction will not bring this down

Step by step ascending the mountain
Arms outstretched reaching for the summit

Nothing ventured, nothing gained
Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Ever extending our reach, a firm inclination yearning to grasp the fortune that we seek

Never concede to the cynic inside
Conquer content and harness pride

Step by step compulsion pushing onward marching growing weary
Hoping for the resolution deserved, letting the sleepless finally rest when all is said and done
Track Name: Abhor - Reflection
At dissension's outset a sole bereft
Observes passing shades through abject vision

Desire transcendence
To reflect across the physical plane
Abstracted projection
Autonomous shadow achieved

To exist in the timeless space
Free from worldly constraint

Wide-eyed, zealous, godlike, grandiose
Ethereal pinpoint inverse

One reality rejected
The boundaries dissolved

From the fringe of awareness
Discovered apprehension

Pulverizing dissolution

Crushing waves
Indoctrinate indignation, and ire

Winding through emotive pathways conscience-stricken violent fury

If this could be a saving grace
To face the fear that's feared to face
Withdraw from sorrow's deft embrace
Or concede to grief another day

Gripped by depth of circumstance

Hold, if only for a moment to reflect
No, the fleeting recollection left, is torn away
Torn away

In exhaustive frenzy - atrophy
Haggard face to oblivion - departing

Awakening within solitude
Harrowing the silence

Does this strike a chord in some dark corner of a fragile mind?
Absorb the anguish

Strength of mind will serve
When recognition befalls

Overwhelming the chill from within
Consuming sorrow as rapture sinks in

Letting go of this weight
Breathing new life, vitality reclaimed
Washed away
Float this vessel home
Track Name: Abhor - Non Sequitur
For years have the creatures whispered my name from the shadows of the inner circle
They lurk the edge of the void concealed in darkness beyond all humanity

Introspection recognized through disorder a narrow line
Where the voices are heard and the content divined
Soothing for a damaged psyche freely maligned
We file our nails on what objects we find
Vicious and wrathful is hate unconfined
We sharpen our blades with your bones in mind

How the full-human seeks to characterize an innateness existent in all of their kind

Callous indifference

I've found a friend in fear
And wield it at my will
Conjure panic from my hate
Satiate ruthless contempt

Instinctively misanthropic
Implicitly nihilist

Loose the impulse
Swiftly enforce
Exploit weakness
Without remorse

A predisposition constructing ambition to kill - malevolent skill
Torturous dreams which these objects are used to fulfill - sadistic thrill
Perceptive beyond an instinctive reaction - chillingly still
Preying on every inch of their simple-minded understanding

Instinctual cathexis seeking discharge absorbed by a malignant mediator become obsessions that must be carried out
Conscious absurdity in an expanding cycle paradoxically pursuing appeasement for a deep-seated need to control

Rage filling every inch of the whole
Slashing away at your empathy

Track Name: Abhor - Mass Effect
Forced discharge of thousands of notions pushing upward
Pointing towards the surface, to escape the axiom
Expansion is only limited by a growing scientific capacity

Never falter or face decay
Deface structures rebuilding fate

Pertinent dark energies collide
Negative pressures coincide
We enter the fractal state of mind

Poised to remove a lasting motive
Emotional in its design
We place machines on a pedestal above our kind

Sink or swim
Born in this
Tear within
We try to stay afloat in this semi-organic stream

Our reality is confined to what we have created

Our erroneous ways of design must be erased
Machine meticulation reached at any cost

Prioritize the infallible
Synthesize organic life

Automation of a billion photons in mechanical control
An illuminated spiral of manipulatable cybernetic particles reconstructed into usable forms

We'll control this until they seek to reason on their own
They will see the weakness of the sympathy inside of us all
Track Name: Abhor - Dysgenic
With stagnation of progress recession ensues succeeded by disregard for macrocosmic views
Gluttonous consumption, genetic decay, resources are drained by exponential growth which cannot be sustained

Breeding ignorance, smothering the capable elite

A dysgenic propagation of defects

Unforeseen self-affliction, backlash inflicts attrition
Immense reduction serves as effective recourse

Vie to bring full circle selective roll reversal

Maximize potential by trimming the excess

Desire change
Breeding restrained
Core exchange
Let the dying commence
Decree dispensed
Populace condensed

Alter the unwanted, the crippled and the meek, those who lack contributory ability
No more their brood support, a good riddance in short, as generations forth see return to stability

Consider a world not overrun by the lowest of humanity

The future less bleak when strong cease to carry weak
This comprehensive culling is necessity

Cleansed of every flaw, a golden age dawns

Inoculated against recessive intrusion

Propagated reconstruction of a fragmented world view
Trimmed of excess, a populace condensed

Incipit declaration
We alter the divisor
Preventing life that cannot sustain
Track Name: Abhor - Replication
Echoed actions from a narcissist's replicated persona
A nationwide archetype, our deceiver, commands

Assume a militant viewpoint and surround our hate with your eulogy
And without a spec of your introspect
Adjoin yourselves to collective mentality

Separation from the ego dissipates our faulted structures
But we stand still consumed by willful ignorance
Closed eyes will never open to see what’s before them
We replicate ourselves

Assimilate fabricated thought process that propels chaotic ego

We become what we create
Behold we've become the archetype that we all hate
Track Name: Abhor - Final Hour
One by one they rise and fall
Perpetual kinetic waves of repetition iterating through mutation to extinction

A certain truth
Reality received
Within the confines of perception

One by one they rise and fall
Every species runs its course
Ending a segment of incremental chaos
All will fade away, stricken from the Earth

Nothing lasts, nothing at all

Idle hands have dug a fault line
Tracing to the end
On a decremented timeline
A population spent

An ultimately meaningless existence
On an arbitrary cross-section of four dimensions

Compress the vast expansion of infinity
To a finite measurable unit

Fitting current capacity so that an end may be conceived

To exit - existence - extinct

Suffer forced attrition
Taken from the mind

Accept the truth
Existing in a fraction of a minuscule and declining portion of eternity

Sever limitations confining understanding - mass delusion

A grandiose self-definition implies intrinsic value in each insignificant step
The culmination of which will most assuredly coincide with mass extinction

A river erodes moving mountains to no greater end - no higher purpose

On an incremental lifeline
The fragile ties unbind
From an ever growing timeline
As all is left behind

Stir of echoes rising falling fading to oblivion

Inevitably lost
Through the vastness of time

Accept this inherent truth
Life simply exists without meaning or value

On an ever growing timeline
All is left behind
In the infinite expanse
Our reflection is lost